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2019 Winter Solabration

Queen of Revels!

Breathless in Berthoud
Border Morris

More Breathless in Berthoud

Not out of breath yet!

Our Royal Juggler

More juggling!

Watching the Juggler

Watching the Juggler

Lets try it!

Gaitani Bulgarian Dancers

More Gaitani!



Gaitani leading everyone in some easy dances

Everyone joining in!

Moving pretty fast

More dancing with Gaitani

Our Royal Storyteller

Listening to the storyteller

Getting ready for the Grand March

Grand March

The marchers

Grand March, four by four

More Marchers

Grand March, eight by eight

The first dance

Sociable Cotillion (from 1850)

More Dancers

2018 Winter Solabration

The 2018 King of Revels

Long live the King!

Lining up for the Grand March

Lining up for the Grand March

Our Piper & Drummers

Grand March

More marchers

Hang On! Four to the left, four to the right.

A wee bit crowded

And the King joins in!

Mudras Indian Dancers

The youngest dancers were terrific!

Everyone gets a chance to try it!

by the Slap & Dash Puppets

Watching the Puppet Show

Puppeteers hard at work

What is he eating?

Lots of food!

"Find a partner!"


Ready to dance a Cotillion

Right hand star


Two of our guests

Eeek! That suit!

Just watching

Lots of red

More red


Big smiles!

Love the lights!

Eeek! That suit again!

Solstice Sword Dancers

A tangle of swords

Untangling the swords

Watching the Mummers Play

"In cones I, Little Johnny Jack"

"Wit me family on me back"

"I'd like to see the King!"

"In comes I, the Queen of Hearts"

"Won't you try a lovely Tart? They'll stir your manly motivations, and amplify love's inclinations!"

"In comes I, a Valiant Soldier. None is braver, none is bolder."

"In comes I, a Typical Knight, highly trained in how to fight."

"I've always found medicine quite appealing."

"If I have to fight him, he's as good as dead. I'll sliver his liver, and lop off his head!"

"In all the land, there's no one wiser than me: His Majesty's Royal Advisor"

"Hold it! One more thing ... no videos!"

A Sord Fight! I mean "Sword Fight!"

"I think it's drugs.
Can't hurt. They're dead as slugs."


"Queen ... you wanna ... help me push?"

"In comes I, Old Father Christmas."

"We need some of your Christmas magic, to keep this play from being too tragic."

"Rise up, gents. Rise up, I say"

"Now we are awake, and alive unto this day! Merry Christmas to you all, and Happy Solstice Day!"


Our special guest artists — direct from Sweden!

Our Sooper Troupers!


& Mallie

"Mama Mary, in a simple manger!"

2017 Winter Solabration

Grand March — 2017


Long live King Jeff!

King with former Queen

Wassail!  Wassail!

Breathless in Berthoud
Morris Dancers

Molly Dance

Watching the Morris Dancers

Our wonderful Storyteller!

Listening to stories...

Good looking crowd!

Having a waltz

And another


Solstice Sword Dancers

Rocket Man
(Special Guest Artist)

It's the Royal King

And the Broom

Watching the Mummers Play

And the Royal Daughter
"You look tired, Daddy"

In comes I, Beefhump, the Dragon

"Beefy! Don't smoke in this place.
You're polluting my personal space."

"In comes I, Prince George, the strong."

"It's not everyday a Prince comes calling.
Your adventures must be enthralling!"


Prince George and the Dragon

"In comes I, the Turkish Knight.
I'm looking for someone here to fight."

"Yer killin' me!"

"I think he's dead.
Beefhump was my pet, I think we need to call a vet."

"In comes I , a veterinarian."

"This dragon here looks mighty sick.
What happened to him? Tell me, quick."

"Is it rigor mortis?"
"No. rigatoni! It's pasta. There's a large
pasta blockage, way down in his throat."

"In my recent travels, South of the border,
I think I found some-
thing to cure this disorder."

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

2016 Winter Solabration

Grand March — 2016

More Marchers

A Few Stragglers

Our Storyteller

Her Majesty, the Queen of Revels

Kleftes Greek Dancers


Dancers at the Solabration

More dancing....

Anyone know these people?

The Solstice Sword Dancers

Getting tangled up!

Trying to capture it!

Our Band - Prairie Dog Picnic

In Comes I, the Hobby Horse!

In Comes I, Beelzebub, With my pan, & my club!

The Fearsome Dragon

I'll lop off his head!

George vs. the Dragon

St. George is dead!

The Doctor examines the Patient

This Magic Potion can cure the Itch, the Stitch, Palsy, and Gout!

Merry Christmas to All!

Hamilton — our Original Cast! (I can't explain this - you had to be there!)

St. Nick! Help me, quick!

Back-up Singers

Some of the audience....

2015 Winter Solabration

Plenty to Eat

King of Revels

Watching the juggler

Are those knives?



Watching the dancers

Balloons for the kids

Susan Marie Frontczak, our storyteller

Listening to the storyteller

We love our volunteers!

Ready for the Grand March

Beginning the Grand March

Grand March — Two by Two

Eight by Eight

The first dance

The Sociable Cotillion


The first contra dance

Chris calling


Sandra and Ed

The Solstice Sword Dancers

Mummers Play — The Trouble with Trumples

Trumple sucking out Sulu's brain

Time for the Vulcan mind meld

The crowd watching

Solstice Clearwater Survival


Guitar solo

Getting a video of the band

Maroon Bells Morris Dancers

Maroon Bells Morris Dancers – The Laughing Cavalier

Maroon Bells Morris Dancers – The Lumberjack

A waltz

Susan and Santa

The Abbot's Bromley Horn Dance

The Abbot's Bromley Horn Dance

2013 Winter Solabration

Crowning the King and Queen of Revels

The Royal Couple

Plenty of Food

Great help in the kitchen

We love our volunteers!

Breathless in Berthoud Morris Dancers

Watching the Jugglers

Watching the Jugglers

Bryan Connolly with the Glass Globe

Juggling the Nine Pins — with a brave volunteer!

Postoley Dance Ensemble

Postoley Dance Ensemble

Face Painting!

and Balloon Animals

Our storyteller, Susan Marie Frontczak

The Grand March

Our Band — Rodney Sauer, Joel Hayes, Ed Secor

Dancers at the 28th Annual Winter Solabration

More dancers

and More Dancers!

“In comes I, the Broom, make way!”

“Find a seat for the Mummers Play”

“Father Christmas, you seem older ... and cranky”

“I'm in a terrible fix”

“I'm on my way to buy lots of presents”

Santa with the Congress Critters

“I think that was ... his very last breath”


The Doctor examining the patient

Big Finale — “Santa's doing O.K., I spent my IRA, Santa's Coming!”

2012 Winter Solabration

Christmas Carols

Getting Your Face Painted

Ready to Roar!

The King & Queen of Revels

Extreme Juggling

Breathless in Berthoud Morris Dancers

Fandango Musicians

Fandango Dances

Pipes & Drums
Playing for the Grand March

Grand March

Ragged Edge
playing for a Contra Dance

Dancers at the 2013 Winter Solabration

Other Guests –
Christy & Sally

Ken, Christy, & Fergus
(Elf, Cowpoke, & Santa)

Nancy & Molly

2013 Solstice Volunteers!

Mummers Play
Father Christmas & the Broom

Mummers Play
Enter the Hobby Horse

Watching the Mummers Play

Mummers Play
Dinner at Donald's Noodles

Mummers Play
”A Man Dead!“

Mummers Play
Saint Chickenlooper

The End-of-the-World-

Dance of the Mayan God

Morris Dance Musicians

Maroon Bells Morris
Tadmarton Princess Royal

Maroon Bells Morris Dancers
Badby Bean Setting

Abbots Bromley Horn Dance

2011 Winter Solabration

Christmas Carols

Crowning the Queen of Revels

The Grand March


The Solstice Sword Dancers

Watch Your Step

Mummers' Play
“There's a man dead!”

Mummers' Play
“O-o-oh! Mr. Dragon!”

Watching the Mummers' Play

MariAnna Reindeer

Beatles Christmas Carols

Maroon Bells Morris Dancers

Abbots Bromley Horn Dance

2010 Winter Solabration

Watching the Juggler

Watching His Balls

Maroon Bells Morris Dancers

Allemand Left

Allemand Right

Swing Your Partner

Contra Dance

Abbot's Bromley Horn Dance

Abbot's Bromley Horn Dance