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This year’s Winter Solabration
is by invitation only.

Dancers at the Winter Solabration

Thank you for your interest in attending this year’s Winter Solabration.  Many of you have been coming back for years and have helped to grow this community celebration, and made it a part of your holiday tradition.  Thanks.

If you're a long-time fan of the Solabration, and you'd like to receive an evite, please send an

If you’d like to donate some of your valuable time, we always need a few good volunteers to make this event happen.  If you might be interested in this, please contact   Please be aware that these slots fill up quickly.

We want to encourage families as also.  We have activities more appropriate for kids at the beginning of the evening, but we need parents to be responsible for their kids as well.  We don’t provide a babysitting service, but if you want to bring a babysitter, we’re happy to give the babysitter a complimnentary pass.  Please inquire.


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Please remember to bring a potluck dessert or snack to share.

⇒ No stirring about the house!  Kitchen facilities here are very limited.  No slicing, dicing, tossing, saucing, mixing or fixing.  Please bring a treat that’s ready to eat!