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Wheel chair accessibility at the Temple Events Center, 1595 Pearl St. in Denver for the 2012 Winter Solabration on Saturday, December 22nd.

There is a ramp to the front entrance, and a wheel chair accessible elevator to the ballroom level, where most of the events take place, as well as up to the auditorium, for the storyteller.  There is a wheel chair accessible bathroom just off the ballroom (in the SE corner).  The mezzanine level, which looks down on the ballroom, is not accessible by wheel chair.

The elevator is very cozy.  A large motorized chair, or an oversized wheel chair, may have a hard time negotiating the elevator.  It is 57" long and 31" wide.  You enter the elevator at a slight angle, and the clearance there is 31 ¾".

I hope this is helpful.